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    Project VPASS

    VPASS is an affordable solution to secure schools and encourage intra-school communication. We need your help to fund this project.

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We provide robust cutting-edge security and campus management systems to educational and commercial institutions.



We offer free software to teachers and students wishing to prepare for college level courses.



Our approach to problem solving is simple: use the latest technology to tackle the hardest problems and always think towards the future!

About Us


Lent & Cardenas Software Solutions offers professional software development services. We specialize in educational, security, and business management software.

Our History

After meeting in 2010, Liam Cardenas and Erwan Lent decided to pursue their common insterest of computer programming. Over the next two years, they developed their already proficient skills, to become the excellent programmers they are today. Finally, in 2012, after working on several projects together, they decided to start L&C Software Solutions, later to be branded under the name Lent & Cardenas LLC. Since then, they have strived to provide the community with powerful and innovative software that tackles the toughest problems in security and education.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of educational and security solutions to fit the needs of any institution. Project VPASS is designed to be the latest and more affordable campus management, security, and communication system available. We also offer free educational software as well, such as AP World Language Tools. This allows teachers and students to better prepare themselves for AP examinations and exhibit mastery over a college level curriculum. For those whose needs are not met by the aforementioned products, we also offer custom software development services. For a quote, contact us below.

43 Projects Finished.

42,561 Lines of Code.

16,000+ Cups of Coffee.

I hired Lent & Cardenas to create a program to assist me in an online competition. After their professional and expidited work, I am now ranked as one of the top contestants.

-- Bobby Stephon, Freelancing Client
Our Team

Meet our dynamic team of highly capable programmers and software engineers.


Erwan Lent

Chief Executive Officer, Founder